For almost 40 years, Kreitler has been the industry standard for high quality cycling rollers. Al Kreitler, the founder of Kreitler Rollers, produced them in his workshop for decades until his passing in 2001, at which time Kreitler Roller production was moved under our roof here at Mountain Racing Products. Since 2001 we have been producing Kreitler Rollers with the same dedication to performance and quality as Al did himself. We like to make Al proud, wherever he may be. If you’re wondering why the Yorkshire Terrier is part of the Kreitler logo, it’s because Al was rarely seen without the companionship of his Yorkie named “Killer”, who would sit in the top of Al’s trademark overalls.

Kreitler Rollers, Training Stations, and parts are sold direct and through several dealers worldwide.  For a complete list of shops click here.