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Designed to work seamlessly with the new wave of 2×10 drivetrains, the 2x utilizes MRP’s patented integrated skid chainring protection and features a patent-pending dual pulley tensioning system. Notable on the 2x system is the absence of a crank-mounted bash guard or guide ring, instead it relies on the front derailleur and cutting-edge lower pulley assembly for complete chain retention. The integrated skid protects the chainrings from impacts without the added weight of a full bash ring. The dual pulley tensioning system ensures that the chain is properly tensioned and in the right position, keeping it on the chainring in the roughest conditions. The dual pulleys also reduce drag and noise compared to other designs, ensuring a better riding experience. Finally, the raised top fin profile prevents the chain from dropping to the BB shell.

- Integrated skid protects chainrings and glides over rocks and obstacles (US Patents RE 42,436 / 8,235,849 Patents Pending).
- Modular skid saves 40g when removed
- Patent-pending dual pulley design provides precise chain engagement while reducing noise and drag
- Raised top fin profile prevents the chain from dropping to the BB shell
- ISCG, ISCG-05, and BB mounting options
- Compatible with 9 and 10 speed drivetrains
- 130g (36-38t, ISCG-05 model) & 144g (39-42t, ISCG-05 model)
- For two-ring drivetrains.
- Available in black or white